Tomasz Wasilczyk

software developer



Instant messenger, popular among Linux users. I am an official developer, working on its security, new features and Gadu-Gadu protocol.

  • C
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Bash
  • GTK+

Current status

I am Pidgin's official developer since 2013-06-02, previously participated as a Crazy Patch Writer since 2011-04-16.

I mainly focus on a 3.0.0 version, so most of my work has not been released yet. I am publishing development builds every once in a while on my blog. They are stable enough to be used on a daily basis.


Pidgin project consists of Glib-based libpurple library (which handles all protocol stuff) and its GUI frontends: for desktops – Pidgin (written using GTK+) and for console – Finch (ncurses based).

During entire period of my involvement in Pidgin's development, I've touched almost all its components: polished Linux build process and rebuilt Windows one (mostly using Bash). I've refactored some modules (like Request API) or written new ones (new HTTP API). I've also been working on user interfaces (both GTK+ and console). Most of my protocol fixes was for Gadu-Gadu, since I am the only developer using it.

The funny thing is, while working on the Windows build I had to get used with Linux package preparation process. Fortunately, there is an excellent tool for it, the Open Build Service developed within the openSUSE project.

Google Summer of Code

I was accepted as a student for GSoC 2012 program, to revive Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin. During its entire period, I've frequently published news on my blog, about the progress. It was successfully finished (see my summary) with most of planned tasks fulfilled and even additional work done.

A grant from Google

In december 2012, Ben Laurie from Google contacted me regarding security issues in Pidgin. As a result, there was a donation to Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc, intended for my work on security aspects. There were also a short note on their blog about it.

One of my tasks is to integrate an Off-the-record messaging plugin in Pidgin's official release. It's a cryptographic protocol, ensuring pretty well privacy. I'm also working on its pure libpurple version, making it possible to use it with the Finch or any other libpurple based client.