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I am a software developer, engaged in open source projects and focused on good code quality and design. My interests are wide enough, to cover really varied aspects of computer science, like algorithms, security, high and low level programming.


I have 18 years of proffesional experience in programming plus five years doing it as a hobby. I've been using following languages (ordered from the one I feel best with): C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Bash. I would define my knowledge as intermediate about: C#, Assembler, Python, Action Script. I also know basics of Haskell, Ruby and Prolog.

Beyond programming

There are more topics in scope of my interests. I am really concerned with security matters, from the theory to implementation. One of my hobbies are electronics in context of microcontrollers and low level communication protocols. I generally like learning and discovering new things – that's why I am so excited with reverse engineering.

Recent blog post

More Windows, more features

With a great help from LRN, who sent initial set of patches for fixing autotools-based build for win32 and assisted in the work, I have finally managed to make 3.0.0 cross compilation possible and easy. It also involved fixing minor win32 problems and enabling features that were not accessible for this platform before.

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