Tomasz Wasilczyk

software developer


A web directory under moderately heavy load. Created in cooperation with OXE Internet Solutions.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript

A success in database optimization

When I started working on this already popular web directory, it consumed all the resources of dedicated server and its search engine didn't even worked during traffic peaks. My goal was to reduce its load by 50% in less than a week. I've managed to reduce it by 99%, after two days of development. By the chance of rewritting search engine, I also significantly improved its results quality.

A chart A chart showing load average before and after releasing my fixes.

An entirely new release

At the time I began working on this website, Gwiazdor was already quite old and buggy. Thus, we decided to build an entirely new version, with the database converted from an old one. I've polished my search engine even more, but the rest of this project was written from scratch.