Tomasz Wasilczyk

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A cross-platform multimedia framework, written in C. I worked on its Windows version for Pidgin instant messenger release.

  • C
  • Windows

Voice and Video support in Pidgin for Windows

Gstreamer is the media backend in Pidgin instant messenger, providing voice and video conferences. Unfortunately, Pidgin doesn't provide it for the Windows OS, mainly, because there were no suitable gstreamer releases.

I wanted to change this situation, so I prepared a Windows build especially for Pidgin. This included preparing mingw builds for some of its dependencies and fixing video capture plugin, which didn't worked with modern cameras. There is an OBS repository with all my work published and built.

This still needs some work, mostly for stability issues. However, I decided to wait a bit before I put more effort in its implementation: the 0.10 branch (which I used) isn't supported anymore, but 1.x branch doesn't support device selection yet, which is really crucial feature.