Tomasz Wasilczyk

software developer

Enrollment System


New course enrollment system at CS Institute at University of Wrocław. I was a tech leader during its development stage.

  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • ORM

About the project

This system was done as a student-driven team project, launched to replace the one used previously for over 10 years. Its development took three semesters (one and a half year).

In the first period, there were two teams, each consisted of 6 persons – each was composed of one mentor, one leader and four developers. The first one worked on course enrollment module (the sole functionality of the old version), the second took care of educational offer creation module.

In the second semester, the number of teams grown to five, with total number of involved students reached 25. There was a single team responsible for finishing of previously made components and also one for every new module: anonymous course evaluation for students, mobile version, interoperation with USOS (already existing system for student's data management). There were also a fifth team, handling QA (they wrote automatic tests, prepared beta tests and so on).

The last period wasn't considered as a student project – there were just several persons selected to be hired for finishing the whole system and deploying it.

My role in the project

In the first period I was selected as a team leader for educational offer creation module. With the mentor's supervision, we guided the team for pretty good results. Besides team management, I was also an active developer.

In the second period, the mentor and team leader roles were merged. I was selected again for the team leader role, working with the other three persons on extending and fixing the existing modules. As a developer, I handled database (ORM) optimizations and JavaScript code refactoring.

For the last period, I was selected as a tech leader, responsible for design related decisions.