Tomasz Wasilczyk

software developer


Business directory equipped with mechanisms rising quality of user entered content. Created in cooperation with OXE Internet Solutions.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript

Maintenance-free web directory

After years of moderating few user-driven web services, OXE foundator decided to create an almost unattended business directory. It seems, that a lot of often improperly entered information can be verified – not only the REGON number (an unique, numeric company identifier in Poland) with its control digits. When user enters his postcode, the service fills the city name automatically and lists street names in its range, instead of asking user for typing it.

Equipping this service with complete postcode database was a good starting point, but the service brought really good results some time after its launch. When there were hundredths of companies registered, its product suggestions mechanism started working pretty well: if company A sells product X, Y and Z, and company B claims they sell X and Z too, there is a high probability, they have Y in their offer too.

Features like these raised significantly the quality of user entered content wich minimal effort from the maintainer.