Tomasz Wasilczyk

software developer


Library for communication with iPod mp3 players, implementing Advanced iPod Remote protocol. Designed for AVR microcontrollers.

  • C
  • microcontrollers
  • reverse engineering
  • AVR

Advanced iPod Remote protocol

AiR is a protocol for remote controlling iPod 3g and 4g (and probably newer) devices. There is also a simple version, allowing just to act as a remote controller, simulating key presses like play, pause or volume change.

The full protocol allows for remote browsing of iPod's library. Unfortunately, the interface is pretty tough to use, so I also implemented an easy to use overlay, which hides any AiR protocol specific difficulties.

I plan to release this library as a free software (probably on a X11/MIT license), as soon as I finish it (it's almost ready).